Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to do... What to do...

Since Michelle is going to Florida this Thanksgiving, I'm not going to CA for my traditional Thanksgiving at Michelles and mad shopping spree on Friday morning. This leaves me with a 4 day weekend to fill with something that may or may not entertain me. I could probably con Lyday into doing the shopping thing with me... although now that I think about it maybe not. I don't remember that I know her stance on that kind of thing. I do know her stance on being up at 5:00 AM and that is not in this lifetime. I could rent a car for the day or check out the flexcar for the AM and go by myself. That's not so fun though. I mean a whole part of the adventure of black friday is getting up and having one person get in the lines ahead while the other goes and picks stuff up. Plus who would I go to lunch with when I was totally and completely done shopping and then spend the afternoon doing arts and crafts with?

Another option would be go visit the fam. Last Thanksgiving wasn't too terrible. We survived it without incident which is an improvement over the last time I visited them. I didn't want to kill anyone. But Black Friday was not the same kind of fun (even though they tried... they did pick up paint by number kits) but somehow Pep Boys isn't the same as Mervyns. I wonder if I could convince my family to stay in a hotel Thursday night so we could shop in Tucson on Friday morning... Probably not. :)

I have also considered going away for the weekend. I think it might be neat to go to a state or national park and rent a yurt or cabin (both are heated) for the long weekend. I would want to go to one that is near someplace I haven't been before so I could go do little day trips to see things nearby.

I don't know and since my default on that is to do nothing, I'll probably do nothing and spend 4 days sitting on my couch until I grow moss. :)

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Peeved Michelle said...

Well, you could just go visit my mom and go shopping with my mom and my sister. I am sure my mom would love to have you.

Oh, on second thought, they might be going to Tucson to visit Chris and Katie. Hey, you could just go to Tucson on your own and shop with my mom :)