Monday, September 01, 2008

Too old for this

Yesterday I went with Stephen to Bumbershoot. It was the first time I actually attended to see shows - including the mainstage. We got there around 1 and went in and got our tickets for the mainstage that night. Stone Temple Pilots was playing. I rather like them. We stood in line to try to go to see Janeane Garofalo but missed out on that. I let Stephen dictate which shows we were going to watch since I didn't really have any preference. We saw The Blakes, who I liked, the Whigs, who were okay, Jakob Dylan and Stone Temple Pilots. It was really exhausting. I was on my feet for a long time.

Stephen likes to be towards the front for the shows so during STP we were near the front. For future reference, I'm totally going to sit in the seats. :) It was getting painful to be on my feet so much and that was much of my focus. STP started late - about 20 min or so. And we were jammed. Gray sweatshirt guy in front of me kept inching me back. Hearing impaired woman behind me kept inching me forward. It was quite an adventure. When the music finally started it became a little more chaotic. There was a lot of moving around and I ended up getting shoved a variety of ways. That part was unpleasant. Eventually the crowd got equilibrium and although I was smashed I didn't get tossed around again. There was a fat chick behind me who was jumping up and down. Since she was pressed up against my back that was uncomfortable for me. There was a point where I was so squished I thought I could probably pick up my feet and just hang there.

A mosh pit opened up about 3 - 4 people away from us and that was something I hadn't seen before. I am glad the people on the edge really seemed to like where they were because I would not have liked it if the pit had gotten closer. After awhile I was just enjoying the music and that was awesome. There were a bunch of crowd surfers who, if they got to the front of the crowd, got pulled out by security. I kind of liked watching the beefy security guys hauling these kids over the barrier. There was a group of boys who decided to crowd surf backwards. The back crowd was not so adept at holding them up and they kept falling through. One actually fell on me sort of kind of sliding down my body taking my glasses with him as he went. Luckily I grabbed them before they fell totally off or else it would be a long two weeks until I get new ones.

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