Friday, September 26, 2008


So I should've vetted my Thanksgiving plan more thoroughly before I got excited. The Pearrygin Lake State Park isn't open in the winter. That means we'll be headed somewhere else. There is another one Cama Beach State Park that has cabins and they are open in the winter. They do not, however, have stove burners inside so we would have to cook outdoors. Not an insurmountable problem. But the sad part is that they are not close to Winthrop so no Christmas Extravaganza! :(

My bank failed yesterday. Yesterday I felt bad for me because this means my checking account will probably change. Luckily I don't have credit cards or a mortgage through them because that will definitely change. Today I feel bad for the employees. I wonder if it is easier or harder to go to work today... the uncertainty is gone but has probably been replaced with a different uncertainty. That was the hardest thing about working at homestore for me... when we started to hit the skids I hated how uncertain everything was. I also hated, since I worked in HR, knowing before others who was getting laid off and who wasn't. Especially since I knew these people, you know.

Final fail... this morning I was walking to work wearing a greenish sweater. I was reading my book while walking and realized I had worn this sweater already this week. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but there was a spot of taco sauce on my sweater. I turned around and walked home. Sigh. I did think it was amusing, though that while I was walking and reading another woman was walking up my street while reading. A kindred spirit so to speak. :)

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