Monday, September 08, 2008

Jam Packed!

At the ass crack of dawn (or 8:30) on Saturday I went to get my hair cut. Three hours later I left with shorter hair and touched up roots. :) Yay! I like the cut. I originally was going to go and just get a trim but Saturday morning I randomly decided to have them take a lot more off. The stylist took off 6 inches. Yay.

Randomly, I'm watching an old episode of Law & Order SVU and two embryos of a woman were implanted into two different women. One girl died in a car accident and the mom (crazy with grief and positive her kid was still alive) had her daughter's picture aged by an artist. She saw a kid in the park who looked like the aged picture and attempted to kidnap her. So my confusion is why would the two kids look exactly alike? They wouldn't be twins because they were separate eggs. (Of course this is a TV show I'm trying to puzzle through. Sad that is.) (Also, Queens is on the beach?) (Although this episode does have Abigail Breslin and I like her) (Also, Lea Thompson plays crazy very well, but I'm sad that she is relegated to playing roles in Law & Order SVU)

Anyway... sometime this past week Lyday and I were driving around and we went past the zoo. We decided to go today. It was a perfect day for the zoo. The weather was just right and the sun was shining. I took pictures. Eventually I'll post them (maybe). I saw the flamingos which apparently are a big deal (although their enclosure seems a bit small to me but I don't really know too much about flamingos. Maybe they only travel in small areas). We went into the butterfly and blooms exhibit. That's one of my favorites because I just love all the butterflies! We did not go into the bug exhibit. Although in this one exhibit we were looking at snakes and lizards and other cool things when I came across an exhibit of hissing roaches. Those freak me the fuck out. I think it is because when I was little I was visiting my grandfather and he lived in a trailer on the farm. This married couple and their like 5 I think kids had a trailer next to my pappy's. I think the adults worked on the farm and I remember staying the night over there. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and there were roaches everywhere. It scared me so badly I didn't go pee and instead lay back down in the bedroom and stayed awake for much of the night. And on that note, I'm going to bed. Night y'all!

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