Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Southwest Convert & Old People

This is sad to say to my poor baby sister but unless I'm flying free, I'm not flying her airlines. I'm not flying anyone's airlines except Southwest. (OK that's a sweeping generalization. There may be times when I have to fly a different airlines simply because Southwest doesn't fly there, but mostly I'm only flying Southwest). And I'm only flying Southwest because they currently don't charge bag fees. I may change my mind. They may start doing it (and then what?? I have to travel by train??) but seriously bag fees can add up to 100 dollars to a ticket. That's outrageous!

I've been obsessed lately with my index finger on my right hand. The nail is starting to go flat. It is so weird. It was never like that before. A quick google search says I may be lacking in vitamins. I'll have to start up with the multi-vitamin again. Sigh.

I went to this refresher training for my volunteering at the Paramount last night. I was mostly dreading it because I figured it would be one of those "This is what we're seeing everyone doing wrong" type of refreshers. (Clearly certain aspects of my personality will not succumb to my hopeful philosophy of believing in the best). Refreshingly it wasn't. Mostly they were telling us about changes at the Paramount and rah rah we're necessary. That's fine. I was one of the three youngest people in the group of over 25. And we were youngest by at a minimum of 20 years. Here's where I realize I don't really like old people though. In college (and I'm sure Michelle could back me up) old people (heh, when I was 22 old people were like 35 - 40) going back to school never seemed to go back for a physics degree or a mechanical engineering degree. They go into the social sciences fields and that's where I learned to hate adult learners. They always had stories to share that maybe related to something but usually they were just annoying and took away from class time where we needed to learn something and not just anecdotal evidence about how the special education system in the district sucks. I share this because old people are like adult learners. They share stories that don't matter and seem to ask questions that have nothing to do with what's being discussed. Or if they do, it is just the same stuff over and over. Yes sometimes the paid staff are short with the volunteers. Whatever. Get over it. The guy just said he's working with them on that so we don't need to keep rehashing that point. Amusingly enough, there was an old lady in front of me who clearly does not suffer fools. She kept making comments to herself wishing everyone would just stop asking stupid questions so we could just get done with this. I kind of dug her.


Stephen said...

A number of years ago, after I went veggie, I got ripples in my fingernails. It started to freak me out because there were SOOOOO many and a bunch of nails.

I read up online and it was a deficiency of a vitamin. I don't know how my diet changed, but it worked itself out.

I used to file my nails a bit more and use a clear base coat to help address the rippling.

Peeved Michelle said...

Adult learners in psych classes were the worst. They were all there because they were recovering alcholics who wanted to become counselors. I want to rip my ears off just remembering one guy who seemed to be in one of my classes each semester.

One good thing about my MBA class is that most of the people are in that adult learner age range. There are couple twentysomethings, but most are 30s and 40s. I realized last week that maybe I am being a know it all in my class because it is really a psych class and I took the same exact class as an undergrad.