Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kind of Child-like

Unrelated to this post but I kind of wonder if I would get car sick if I tried to watch a video on a long car trip. Unlikely I'll ever find out since usually I'm either driving the car for the long car trip or I'm with people who actually expect me to interact with them during the long car trip. What's that about??!!

So today I went for my bi-annual (does bi-annual mean twice a year or every two years? And if I have to ponder this wouldn't it have been shorter just for me to say my every other year eye exam? Is there a better way to say this??) Anyway... today I went for my bi-annual eye exam. I only go every two years because I can only get new frames every two years so why bother going in the off year? I ordered new glasses. I am not a fun, funky glasses wearer. I am more a thin metal frames similar shape/color every time. I tried on a few fun, funky glasses and I just felt like it made it REALLY obvious I was wearing glasses. I didn't like that. I also tried on a pair of frameless glasses. I don't like that look. I read an article that Sara(h?) Palin is bringing that look back. I still do not like it. I also tried on a couple pairs without the bottom frame. I also do not like that look. Anyway... I'm now having buyer's remorse. I almost called them and said Oh No Never Mind Take It Back!! I think it was because my eyes were totally dilated. How can I know what I'm picking out then??!! (I'm sure it will be fine but I really really love my current glasses and I'm hesitant to change things like that. But the paint is chipping on them and they are two years old) I also find that I ask a lot of questions of the optometrist. I like to know what he is doing and what the various tests tell him. I also like to know how I compare with other people.

I spent the whole afternoon hanging out with Lyday at the hospital. She had outpatient surgery and needed someone to be her 'escort'. I think this is how hospitals have cut back on the over night visits... they just hand you off to friends and family! So while there I asked a lot of questions. I like to know what things are happening and why things are the way they are. We got there at like 1:30. I've never been back into that part of a hospital. It was interesting, however I'm such a hmm... what's the word.. not prude exactly (well that too) but I like my privacy and so this would've driven me nuts! We got to hear all about the guy in the next space's reason for surgery... warts in his rectum. And the guy two cubes away too. Then in the pre-op place the young woman who was having breathing difficulties and they were discussing with her the possibility of an over night stay with this logic "Well it will be the same price if you leave tonight or stay until tomorrow." How crazy. And even while I was in the waiting area... the doctor came out and I heard about this Russian family's female family member who had ovarian cancer. Good news, they got all the cancer and it hadn't spread anywhere else. It all just seemed so not private to me. Also also also... Naked old man ass. I made the mistake of looking up and there it was hobbling to the bathroom. Seriously I can't be admitted to the hospital ever. However Lyday's surgery went well and she was even feeling well enough afterward to go for dinner so that's good.

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Kate the Peon said...

I don't like frameless or without bottom frames either. I always hate picking new ones b/c I have to go alone. But, I did get sort of funkish frames earlier this year - very unlike me to do so as well! - and I get lots of compliments on them.

Which may mean they're so far away from cute people compliment cuz they feel bad...Hmm.