Thursday, October 08, 2009

Harvey Weinstein makes my boycott hard

Well it isn't a boycott if it is easy, right? Since Harvey seems to slap his name on anything that comes out of his production studio, technically he probably hasn't touched any of these films, however I'm about not lining his pockets, so boycott on. Thanks to IMDB I know now that I will not be seeing Fraggle Rock, the Movie, Untitled Kevin Smith project, Capitalism, A love Story (I was on the fence about that one anyway since I find Michael what'shisname to be a blowhard), The Reader (which I did want to see since I read the book).

Thanks to Buck Henry, a writer, I will not be seeing Get Smart or Get Smart 2. Probably no loss there, but I did kind of want to see Get Smart.

And thanks to Kristie Alley, I will be seeing Nailed, no matter how terrible it is because she is one of the few who has vocally come out condemning Polanski and his supporters.

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Peeved Michelle said...

And I will simply see and not see whatever you tell me to since I am too lazy to look up that stuff myself. In this regard, you finally get to be the boss of me.