Friday, October 16, 2009

Could be a bad luck sign...

So I left work early today and hopped on multiple buses and the light rail to catch a 5:45 flight to Vegas to join my sister. At 5:30 pm I found myself walking back out to the buses to come back into Seattle.

Since I fly stand by non-rev, basically anybody gets on before I do. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and finally it seemed like everyone was on who was supposed to be on. I'm going to barely make it I thought and then he came... Professional looking dude in suit and tie. I think he was supposed to be on the delayed Phoenix flight and managed to get changed over to the Vegas flight. Seriously I'm pretty sure they were about to print my ticket and he took it. I could have cried.

So the question is... do I even bother gambling in Vegas because obviously there's no luck with me these days, OR do I gamble in Vegas because after that bad luck I should be due some good luck? :)

(I don't really believe in any karmic luck. Things happen irrespective of other things. But it is sometimes fun to pretend. Also Good Luck Care Bear is going in my purse. :) )

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