Monday, October 12, 2009

How are Eminem and I alike?

We cleaned out our closets. :) However, as a result, I am now completely sneezy and wheezy from all the dust I kicked up. The left half of my closet hasn't seen the rustle of hangers in years. Almost everything on that side went out. A couple of coats stayed because, well they only got stuffed on that side because the right side was full and I still do actually wear them. A few old sweatshirts and shirts stayed because I find I can't get rid of anything Disney or former employer swag. I should I know. I was dismayed to find a dress and a pajama top I used to wear completely singed from the heat pipe that is in my closet. In the end I have 2 boxes for charity... one a "Large" moving box and one a "Medium" moving box. I also bagged up one of those black trash bags full of torn jeans, stained shirts and other assorted unwearable crap. Next step... the wire rack I put things like panties and socks on/in. I also boxed up all my volunteer t-shirts so I can have them together to make my volunteer t-shirt quilt.

Can someone explain to me what I was thinking when I bought a pair of black shiny pants? (I'm pretty sure Michelle was with me when I bought them and I'm pretty sure I had a theory about them. I've never worn them). If I had been thinking, I would have photographed some of the various dregs from the back of my closet and regaled you with tales of my fashion insanity. Sadly, I didn't think of it and those boxes are now sealed.

I wonder if those space bags work? That could help with this process.

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ren said...

space bags kind of work. they are good for things like sweaters or blankets, things that are...fluffy. not helpful for things like jeans and tshirts.

my problem with them is that they tend to leak air and puff back up under the bed. or they are difficult to seal properly. but when they do work, they work pretty well.