Monday, October 12, 2009

Who moved my what?

My boss is making me read Who Moved My Cheese? I read it whilst walking to work this morning. It is a parable about change in the work place and how to meet it. The funny part... I'm totally changing in the workplace... I'm changing MY workplace. And yes I was scared at first (and still am sometimes) but seriously I'm scurrying about looking for a new place to get my cheese. So take that bossman.

Also I just read Broken For You. Excellent. I had been eyeing it at the used bookstore for sometime, but for some reason couldn't bring myself to actually buy it. Over the summer when I went to the big ass used book sale, I picked it up. I thought it was really well written. Since I appreciate the concept of building your own family I liked that theme of the story. I also really liked how the MCs were pushing outside their comfort zone to make a life they wanted. All in all a really positive book.

I downloaded Patrick Swayze's book Time of My Life for the Kindle. This was another book I really enjoyed. I really love reading about the back story on movies and how they come to be the way they are. Patrick's love story for his wife was also really touching.

On Saturday I went and saw Couples Retreat. Critics seem to hate it, but I found it hysterical. I can see some of their point... is this a raunchy comedy or a touching one, but why can't it be both? I only had trouble with one thing and that was with the Vince Vaughn's character's job. I know what a dumb thing, right? But in the beginning he seems to indicate he does something with video games and based on working 10 - 12 hour days I automatically presumed that meant development. Later in the movie he says something that implies something entirely different. I may have to rewatch to figure it out. :) Also, this was not one of those movies where they show all the funny parts in the previews. There was plenty of funny all through the movie.

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Kate the Peon said...

We had this whole "Who Moved My Cheese" push a few years back. Everyone got the book, we all watched the movie, we had discussions about it, etc etc. Of course, that was just the flavor of the year and no one's talked about it sense.