Thursday, October 22, 2009

Momentary Update

I'll write up my Vegas trip later once I've pulled my pics off my camera. I haven't felt well enough to do that since I've gotten back on Monday.

So Sunday I started wheezing. WHEEZING. Monday - Wheezing. Tuesday - Wheezing and doubling over coughing. Wednesday - Wheezing, Doubling Over coughing and unable to sleep except sitting upright. Thursday - I go to the doctor. I have a slight (99.9) fever and they do an albuteral treatment on me. I both love and hate those. I love them because the wheezing... gone. I hate them because the wheezing is gone but now my entire body is trembling from the adrenaline. It eventually calms down. Apparently whatever is causing this cough is something the dr. has seen before. It may or may not be H1N1. Probably it isn't. (That's reassuring isn't it?) If it is, though, I'll have severe respritory problems in the next few days and then I have to go back immediately when that happens. I'll keep my eye right on that.

I think it is probably wheezing from the smoke in the Vegas casinos and now a cold. (I hope.) :)

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