Friday, October 09, 2009


I've been a bit worried about Rigby lately. She's old. If she was the same age as Tess as the shelter thought, she's now 8. Eight is old for a ferret. Very old. She's begun doing that thing Tess did just before she died... pooping on my bed. This is obviously not my favorite thing ever and this time, unlike with Tess where clearly I was an idiot, I have it figured out... I put down a puppy pad on the bed where Rigby always goes and so then I don't have to change the sheets every fucking day. This worked for a few days. Until today. The bitch pushed the pad off the bed and then went on the bed. I'm starting to think that Rig is not in a death spiral as Tess was, but is actually spiteful and mean.

I could cage her. I probably should cage her, but she's been allowed to roam free in the apartment for so long I feel badly putting her into the cage while I'm at work all day.


Stephen said...

Your own agitation is also a key factor.

A cage for her may reduce your frustration and ensure you enjoy more of your time with her and she ages.

If she poops on the bed every day in her last "years"... she may only have last "days" ;)

Mishka said...

Cage her when you are not home.