Saturday, November 07, 2009

Big Ups to Kate in VT

So my friend Kate in Vermont reads this semi-regularly (or maybe even regularly) so Hi Katie Girl! Glad the kiddos are good. :)

I took Rigby to the vet today. She has the Adrenal Disease. This means 100% of the ferrets I have owned have had it. Sigh. She'll now go get a 40ish dollar shot every month until she dies. Since she is 8, that could be any month now. Although since I think she might be pure evil, she'll never die. (She's not really pure evil. Baxter was pure evil. She BIT. Rigby does not bite. She just doesn't seem to like me very much. ALthough all ferrets I have owned seemed to be like that. I am getting a cat next - maybe one of those creeeeeeeepy sphinx cats that are hairless so Michelle and the kiddos and her husband can visit me - but definitely I'm getting a pet that will let me pet it and love it and squeeze it and call it George.)

I do love this episode of Friends where Phoebe gets married. If I ever get married I want to do it outside. (Ok that's just a romantic notion and reality will probably prevail and I wouldn't want my like 800 year old dad to freeze to death in the snow)

I'm making chili tomorrow night. I am weirdly excited about that. I'll make chili and corn bread. Whee!

I need to try on my fancy dress again with my industrial undergarment. I am going tomorrow to get new shoes to go with the dress and I need to figure out if I also need a new industrial undergarment and/or a slip. My back is fairly exposed in this new dress. And at least when I tried it on, the new dress was all about the static. I'm going to get my hair trimmed next Saturday before the fancy pants gala. I'm contemplating bangs. I probably won't do it though because I'll hate them approximately 15 minutes after cutting them. But it could be fun for a change.

I finally saw that Single Ladies video by Beyonce. I don't get why it was such a great video. Whatevs.

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