Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take the good take the bad....

So I think I've ensured I'll have a new job in a new city by May. I told my apartment managers I would sign a 6 month lease. Here's my logic: Right now over the holidays there typically isn't much hiring going on. So that leaves me until January for the jobs to start rolling in. I can start applying then (I'll keep applying now but the well, she is drying up). It usually takes about a month to actually get a job through the whole process. I have to give 30 days notice here. It could quite possibly be until April that I have a new job and my new 6 mo lease would run out at the end of April. In other thoughts about April... if I'm still at the U in April I will have been job hunting for an entire year. That kind of sucks. However, I don't feel too badly about myself over that. I'm in a niche job. It is a bad job market AND I'm trying to move away. All of these create a bit of a problem. If I believed in fate or karma or cosmic balance or whatever I would say "I'll get a job when the time is right blah blah blah" in reality it is more I'll get a job when I get one hopefully.

I have totally failed at the posting a blog a day. I'm also failing at writing a novel in a month. Crikey it is just FAIL! month. :) That's okay. I never finish nanowrimo and usually I can find something else I'd rather do when I'm at home, like watching SpongeBob SquarePants while sitting in my pjs.

This weekend is the big fancypants dance. I'm going to get a mani/pedi in the am and my hair cut and styled at 12:40. I'm excited for that. It is nice to be pampered a little bit. :)

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