Friday, November 06, 2009

Dreaming of Suburbia

I know Stephen will disagree with this because he hates living in suburbia, but sometimes (and more and more frequently actually) I really want to live in the suburbs. I live in downtown Seattle. It is awesome that I can get to the theater, movies, restaurants, a couple malls, work and the grocery store all on foot. Don't get me wrong. I love that. Here's what I don't love:

1 -Very few restaurants deliver to my neighborhood. Several pizza places in Seattle have a Gluten-Free option. I would LOVE it if I could be like a normal person and just pick up a phone and get delivery. I could if I lived in various suburbs. There's ONE Chinese and ONE Indian restaurant that delivers to my area as far as I know. There is a couple pizza places, but they have no GF options.

2 - We have few normal stores to buy normal things. There are multiple drug stores in the area which is kind of helpful, but sometimes you need like two towels, a plate and a laundry basket. No dice around here, unless you want to spend a fortune on Macy's or similar for towels. Well maybe Ross would be an option, but is Ross ever really an option? I would love to live closer to Fred Meyer or Target.

3 - For seven years I have lived down the hill - literally - from 3 - 4 hospitals. My road is the main road ambulances go down to get to the hospitals. Sometimes I would like to not hear the wailing of the sirens all evening long. Let's not forget the ones that wail for the old folks home across the street and the 2nd one down the block.

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