Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go speed dater you're burnin' up the quarter mile...


So I went speed dating with Lyday and her friend June yesterday evening. I was totally regretting it in the afternoon and contemplated backing out of it. I may still be regretting it but it has only been since last night that we all finished. (I just mean if nobody wants me and everybody hates me and maybe I should go eat worms fashion.) :)

It was fun in a weird way. (And in a 2 drinks in way but this is a straight bar so they don't pour as well as my gay bars used to) There were 9 guys and 10 girls. The host decided to sit in but he just chatted about nothing and wasn't actually an option (plus I think he might have been gay and by think I mean pretty sure). There were three Aussies, two of whom worked on the same boat and were H-O-T. Seriously one was so hmm... what's the word... engaging. He held amazing eye contact and it really seemed like you were the only person in the room at that time. All three of us loved him. The other one just seemed like he'd be really fun. ;) There were about 3 or 4 microsofties and 1 amazonian. Weirdly 2 of the microsofties were from Toronto but they didn't know each other. (I only think that's weird because they both currently worked at Microsoft and both had been there about 14 months and both were from Toronto so it almost sounded like Microsoft had acquired a business and then moved people here.)

So now I'm waiting. I said yes to a whopping 7 out of 9. None of them were too bad. (totally unlike Catholic speed dating). I might have a bit of self-esteem trouble if NOBODY says yes to me because seriously... 7 out of 9. But they were all mostly normal guys. None were overly physically hideous. It was fine. I survived. However if none say yes to me I'm never doing it again, just so you know. :)

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