Wednesday, November 04, 2009

There are no lamps in Seattle

Ok. There are. But there are none that I'm looking for. And it isn't like I'm looking for anything special or fancy. I need a lamp that will clip to my headboard because my current one died. Admittedly I haven't field tripped to Target or Fred Meyer yet because it only died Monday evening and I haven't had the chance to go to the burbs. But Ross, 2 different drug stores, the bookstore at my employer (who did have other lamps but none that clipped to things and since I work for a college with dorms shouldn't they have clip lamps? I'm 100% sure that's where I bought this one) and Bed Bath and Beyond didn't have them. How could Bed Bath and Beyond not have clip lamps? I don't get it. I was going to try Office Depot but they were already closed by the time I got there. Saturday I have to take Rig to the vet. I shall endeavor to find a Fred Meyer or Target at about the same time.

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ren said...

i think i got the last two i've had in an office store, like office depot or office max.