Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3 Things that might make me lose my shit

1 - Committees: The biggest thing I miss about the corporate world (besides corporate world salaries) is the lack of committees. Decisions just get made. You don't have to have a 12 person panel to discuss something to death. At least one of those 12 people doesn't feel that s/he should be on the committee since they "don't represent the people" or some such shit (I dislike those people the worst.). And at least one of those 12 people doesn't pay attention and so gets confused and asks a lot of questions. One of these days I may just stand up in a meeting and say "Just make a decision already!" Of course 10 minutes later I'll be cleaning out my desk but I'm sure it will be a cleansing moment. It will also be a blaze of glory moment which Michelle and I have talked about doing before.

2 - Panhandlers: I am fairly liberal. I regularly contribute money to the food bank and 2nd Harvest. I volunteer for food drives. I am pretty sure that I get panhandled every day I leave my apartment - either actively or passively. (Actively being the "Spare change?" or "Got a dollar?" and passively being just the sign that expresses their need and "God bless".) It's exhausting. It is also the number 1 reason I do not carry cash.

3 - My right foot: So the tendon with the achilles tendonitis hasn't healed yet. That's fine. Whatever. (Ok it isn't fine but I'm dealing.) Recently the joint where my toe and foot join up has decided to get in on the act. It is painful to put weight on it, to bend it one way or really bend it the other way. I think it might be gout. Or else the fact that I'm frequently walking on tiptoe on that foot anyway (due to the tendon) and now have done something icky to that spot too. Either way... walking SUCKS.

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Donna said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn we have a "committee to steer the committees committee" at the community college where I work, so I feel your pain!