Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh so busy!

Today was a relatively really good day, but ever so busy. Work is kicking my ass right now, but I did get all my interviewees called and scheduled for interviews. They'll be coming in on Wed, Thurs and Friday. I feel kind of bad that I am going to have to turn two of them down. They all seem rather nice.

I went to my first water aerobics class of the quarter tonight. That was fun! Totally different instructor than we've had before. My only real concern is this is shallow water aerobics (4 feet) which doesn't diminish the joint impact the same way deep water aerobics does since we are still jumping up and down and touching the ground. Also... when I'm wearing my bathing suit and jumping up and down the top of my suit dips down low enough that my tattoo is visible. Also... unlike the other classes I've taken, this one is not so great for the tankini I usually wear. It floats up and down as I jump. Although this all may be moot as again... there are only 2 people signed up for this class. Sigh. It will probably get cancelled.

Then I had my service unit meeting. I hate that meeting BUT tonight was actually good. We made ice cream and did something with eggs and it was all very cool. What a good day! (Does that mean tomorrow is going to be crappy??) :D

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Kate the Peon said...

I forgot where I read it, but I was disturbed to see it had been 3yrs since you & PM went to Hawaii. It seems like just last year.