Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tim Lykis/Danny interview

So several of you wanted to know what Danny said... What I managed to find didn't have the whole interview. I know this because I know that at some point Adam C actually called in to call Danny on his shit. So I only got to listen to the part where they were both being very self congratulatory about how their shit don't stink. Ultimately Danny said that originally he didn't know what was going on and that he came in one day in December (just before their hiatus) and Adam wasn't there and Teresa and the sound guy were panicking about no Adam and he (Danny) took control of the situation and being the professional he was did what he had to do. And that Adam didn't do several things that week including his own party with the fans. This is true. He implied Adam wasn't a professional for skipping out on that and that he (Danny) had done over 100 radio appearances to Adam's 7 for the year. He also had seen Adam in the audience at various events when Adam was supposed to be at a radio function so he knew Adam wasn't sick. (Like in the audience at a Jimmy Kimmel show which was taped at the same time the party was recorded.) He then went on to say that he got a letter over the break about his new show that would be on the 2 - 3 slot every day at his same contracted rate. He knew what that meant and interpreted it as Adam being threatened by Danny. Adam also wrote him a letter but I can't recall what the details were. I know there was something about a band not having two lead guitarists and that was what it was like with him and Danny. Danny mused that bands should have 2 lead guitarists... that makes it the best band ever. (I can agree with Adam on this. Danny needs his own back up guy. He's not good at playing second banana.) Then they started taking callers and everyone was fawning over Danny and how it is great he has his own show blah blah blah.


Dawn said...

Cool, thanks for the update! I am an Adam Carolla convert. I didn't like him at all in the beginning, but now I love him. Danny - I can take him or leave him. He is a bit of a story topper, and his whole act of always saying how great Adam is (was) was a bit too much. Adam doesn't need Danny.

Your post confirms the rumor that Adam wasn't really sick the week before Christmas, that is was a sort of "Blue Flu" he was pulling in protest to Danny.

Thanks again!

Peeved Michelle said...

Thanks for the update. I wish I got that station but it doesn't come in very on my drive. Not that I could listen to Danny anyway... well, maybe on Fridays when I leave early.