Sunday, February 03, 2008

Accomplished a lot today!

I'm so pleased with everything I got done...
1 - Took Tess to the vet for her shot.
2 - Went to the pet store to get them new food.
3 - Went to the close GF bakery (not the one in Maple Valley) and got a few things.
4 - Went and got passport pictures taken.
5 - Applied for a passport. (yay!)
6 - Filled my apartment with smoke.

Whoops #6 was not an accomplishment that I should brag about. I was cooking a hamburger and apparently burned it a bit. And then when I took the burger off the pan, I forgot to turn off the burner so even more smoke started billowing in the kitchen. In related news, apparently my smoke detector is not working. I'll have to get on battery replacement. :)

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