Sunday, February 10, 2008


Whenever I start to think about moving away from Seattle, I need to go down to the bakery in Maple Valley and be reminded I'll never find a place that awesome anywhere else. I spent a scandalous amount of money there this morning but... everything is oh so awesome. I've already eaten two donuts. TWO!

I've received a response to a personal ad I have on one for fatchicks. I haven't written back because I don't know what to say. :) He said I was beautiful. Do I say he's attractive back? He isn't unattractive. Do I ask questions? He didn't ask any questions of me. Why don't I know how to do this anymore? (Oh because I've had personals online before and nobody ever responds to them.)

I may not be going camping next weekend. I am fine with going caming in the cold. I am not fine with camping in either the rain or the wind. According to, there will be mucho raino on Sat, Sun and Mon. Camping in the rain is miserable. We'll check it out again closer to the weekend. Since it is winter, you can't make reservations anyway so it wouldn't be a big deal if we decided not to go. I tested out my little propane heater and my lantern. Both work so that's nice.

When I got back from Maple Valley at about 10:05 there was a guy waiting for the Flexcar. He said he was just about to call. I have the car until 10:30, I replied. No, says he, I have it at 10:00. Well he was wrong. As I was walking away I noticed he kept trying to unlock the door with his key card, which of course didn't work because his reservation was 10:30.


Anon said...

Walking away from the car I would have laughed loudly at the moron, perhaps even turned around and said, "Told you so." I'm truly an adult :)

Kate the Peon said...

You do not have to say he's attractive. If you think he is, you can say it, but there are no obligations! Same with questions - ask only if you're curious or there are things you need to know before taking this further (i.e., is he a Communist? A gay pot-smoking bartender?).