Friday, February 15, 2008

Could've been worse... Could've been better

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Was it a good one for you?

Mine could've been better. It wasn't nearly as bad as The Worst Valentine's Day Ever, but not as good as the Best Valentine's Day in recent memory. (Only slightly related, I just reread all of February that year. That was a funny month, although it did make me sad and miss MP a bit, but I'm already over it.) Anyway, I had to take Rigby to the vet in the AM. She has an eye infection. Much better than the last time I had to take a ferret to the vet, but still kind of unpleasant. Rigby never goes so she gets really weird about the whole thing.

Work was interminable.

I went out to dinner with Lyday and then to a movie. Dinner was yummy. I got Mexican food at the mall. We sat for about 20 minutes and there were no rumblies in my tumbly. We went to the movie about 40 minutes before the movie started and there were no rumblies in my tumbly. About 15 minutes into the movie... massive rumblies. And we were in the center of the row. I bailed out and left the movie and spent about 45 minutes tripping from the movie theater to the bathroom and back and forth. I never went back to my seat because, well those people would hate me, and instead just leaned against a wall watching so I missed the entire middle of Definitely Maybe. Sigh. What I saw was cute.

Now, given all that, I could have had the Valentine's day of the young lady I saw arguing in the lobby. Apparently there was some shoving. I am unclear as to who shoved whom as they both seemed rather adamant that the other started it, but she was sobbing loudly boo hoo hoo and saying to him "I can't believe you are doing this on Valentine's day." She clearly had a worse day than I did.

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