Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rhetorical Question

Why are all the outlets in my apartment in retarded places? If I want to have the new air purifier I just bought anywhere near my entrance I have to either a - put it in the bathroom and keep the light lit at all times (because for some unknown reason the outlet does not work when the lights are not on). b - Plug it in part way down the hall (this would work but since it is the only one near the cable cord I have a power strip plugged into it for all my TV needs and it is where my wireless box is connected). c - plug it in the living room, but this outlet is on the switch so it only works when the light is on. d - in the closet in the bedroom (who puts an outlet in the closet??) or e - next to my bed where my bedside lamp and alarm clock are already plugged. Seriously. I need more outlets.

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ren said...

yep, i have the very same problem. just yesterday i was trying to plug in a powerstrip and i realized that the outlet that i THOUGHT was behind the couch was really a powerstrip connected to an outlet on the other side of the room. nothing ever seems to be where i need it.