Friday, February 22, 2008

March is moneylicious

March is going to kick my ass fiscally. I have used the Flexcar a ton this month at $10.00/hour. And... drumroll please... I went to the podiatrist on Wednesday. Apparently I need custom orthotics to begin to help the achilles tendonitis and bunion. My insurance company does not cover them. I have emailed my contact to find out why and she doesn't really know why either. But these fabulous things will cost me $470. Yay. If they will help, awesome. And for $470 they better fucking work. They're going to watch me walk and take the cast of my feet on the 6th. Yay. (Or something) But this does mean that I will not be buying a new sofa soon. Maybe after the other IRS rebate check.


Stephen said...

Sorry 'bout the expensive movie last night. If it was at the Forum, I would have got you in for free with popcorn :) Hope you enjoyed the pretty colours ~ I did!

Joanne said...

Your expensive movie isn't going to kill me Stephen. I realized when you said the movie was in the U district, I knew it wasn't at your forum. :) Actually March shouldn't be TOO bad. I'll just have to be more careful with my money than I'm used to.