Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventures in Theatah

Tonight Stephen and I went to see Aida at some theater in Issaquah. The whole trip was an adventure.

To start, Stephen's car is in the shop. Doing some research I discovered we could get to Issaquah via bus, but we wouldn't be able to get home once the show was done since the buses don't run that late out there. Undaunted, Stephen asked his mom for her car and we had a way! But we had to pick up the car. We left the restaurant and missed the buses I had schedules for so we grabbed a different bus. The bus we grabbed was the meandering wandering sort that heads through downtown SSSSLLLOOOOWWWWLLLLLYYYY. The driver didn't seem to be a regular driver. At one point she was going so slowly I could've gotten out and walked faster. And I still have a limp!

Shortly after we got on a young heavyish woman got on and sat in front of us. She was on the aisle seat and her bag was near the window. This gentleman got on and asked her to slide over (even though there were plenty of open seats). He then began rambling to her. I didn't catch all of it but at some point he said he was a vetran. (He was also a drunk - or was today because I could smell it on him). He wasn't getting any response from her so he turned to Stephen and I. He shook Stephen's hand and maybe mine. And then he started chatting with us. He asked if we were married and Stephen replied not yet. And then he continued chatting. He kept going on about how he liked big women and how big women are great and will really treat you right. He asked when we were getting married and we both replied we didn't know yet. He was going on and on extolling the virtues and sadly for Stephen and the young woman next to him, I encouraged it. I kept replying to his weird comments. We big women are good at taking care of our men you know. ;) Eventually Stephen changed the subject and he turned to the woman next to him. He was leaning into her and chatting her up. At a later stop, another woman got on. He was up in a shot and chatting with the new chick. It was quite comical the whole thing.

I had never seen Aida before. I will never ever have to see it again. It was long as hell and BORING. I thought I was going to die the first half. Its only redeeming quality was the 2nd half was very short. There was this one part which was like something out of a movie... The scene is critical. All the cast is silent on stage and the main character is starting to sing very low and the supporting cast are all quiet and 'crying' and you hear it... deedeedeedee deedeedeedee deedee. A ringtone. I couldn't help it. I started laughing. And once I started I had a hard time stopping. It was awful and hysterical at the same time. Stephen caught on and started laughing too. So here we are in the middle seats laughing our asses off. The worst part.. it took the cell phone FOREVER to stop ringing. It rang at least 5 - 6 times. It took all my will power to stop laughing. Stephen couldn't even do that. One other thing about Aida... the costumes. They were terrible. The soldiers were wearing what looked like an Abercrombie & Bitch gay would wear when he was dressing up trying to be a leather guy. In one scene they are all wearing what look like Oakley sunglasses. I couldn't figure out why they would be wearing those in ancient Egypt.


Stephen said...

The only reason you beat me to posting this, is because my mum took an hour to drive home. She went local... below the speed limit... and there was a 2 car wreck in Lake City (someone smeared out and smashed into a bunch of cars in a used car lot ~ firetrucks and police weren't even there yet).

As for Aida. Yeah, it sucked bawls. BAWLS!

You made me laff... and I couldn't stop *shakes fist*

The Gulf War vet jumped out of the seat for the new woman because she was very large, very black, and very beautiful (my words).

Kate the Peon said...

I get such a kick out of you. :)