Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Examining my navel

You know, I used to post funny little stories and stuff and thoughts and whatnot. Then I became all existential and thought about all sorts of other crap. I'm sick of other crap. Here are my thoughts for today:

Why in the heck does Ali Lohan look like she's far older than her 14 years of age? Jeebus if mama Lohan thinks she had a hard time with Lindsay, Ali will probably kill her.

Why does my back itch so damn much? All damn day long! (Actually I know this one... I didn't lotion up my back today and it gets dry.) Also, why don't my bra straps stay up on my shoulders? I have them tightened all the way down as far as they will go and yet they don't stay!

Why does Gamespring charge me to play their games and yet don't bother coming out with new games every week? Just rearranging the list does not fool me into thinking there are new games when they are not.

I've been reading Barbara Bush's book Reflections, Life After the White House. I got it free at my conference and I don't hate Barbara and I've read everything else I have to read. I'm not sure if I like her writing style or not. On the one hand I kind of like the casualness of it. On the other, there's something missing. And I just noticed in an Amazon review what it is "All too often, her activities are listed in a rapid-fire manner without enough description and fleshing-out to make them vivid to the reader. "

I just finished another book that totally violated my principles about a book... Much of the book is devoted to discussions about affairs and all the main characters have them. The book was Notting Hell. I don't think I liked it. And yet, unlike other books I've not liked I actually finished this one. I think it was because I knew that was the last book I had to read for awhile. I like the Amazon reviews because the reviewers seem to be better able to articulate what it is I don't like about something.

I wish there was a place I could check out a Kindle for a few days. I think I might like it because of its size and ability to store a bazillion books, but it is seriously cost prohibitive.

Ooh, but I did research Adoption books on my lunch hour. I've got about 7 on reserve at the library to pick up sometime this weekend. Yay.

I thought about tormenting my nephew and buying him something of some other Chris (last name)'s wish list but I decided against it. I'm getting him a titanium spork (he has a thing I don't know...) and something else. I can't figure out what that something else is though. Any ideas for a 22 year old geek? (Who borders more on nerd than geek I think since I don't think he has any computer/technical prowess).


ren said...

i am slightly disturbed...

my back also itches all the time.
my bra straps also never stay up.
i bought my brother a titanum spork for christmas, at his request...i also don't get it.

if it was only one thing i would be less disturbed but i am thinking three??? we must be related or something.

or not.

Stephen said...

I thought it said 'examining my novel' and I wanted to read about your writing. But alas...

my friend Angie just bought a Kindle last week. Do you want her thoughts?

Kate the Peon said...

WTF is a titanium spork, why would anyone want one, and where would you get it?

PS - Your bra is the wrong size.

Joanne said...

Ren, You're not secretly my niece are you?? Because then I wouldn't get Chris a titanium spork. :)

KTP Follow the link. :) You can get one at
Also what do the strap things mean I need a smaller band or a smaller cup or what? If it weren't so indecent and I wouldn't have tits that hang down to my knees I'd go braless. But that's indecent and I'd end up with tits that hang down to my knees...

Kate the Peon said...

Ahh...the link was invisible to me at first. :)

Also, go here: I loathe Oprah, but I checked 293052 sites and this is the first that gave a clear reason.