Monday, June 30, 2008


Do you know how exciting it is that I have nothing to do for the next 10 days?? I have no events planned. I have no meetings I have to attend. I only have to get up, go to work and come home. I can sit at home and watch 9 hours of The Real World if I wanted to. I could stop by the library and the store (as I'm going to do tonight) and watch a movie I recently netflixed. I could play Nintendo DS until my brain turns to fudge. It is thrilling in its nothingness. (Well, I do have to start cleaning so my sister can visit but that is not a scheduled activity nor is it something I have to buy accoutrements for.) No scout meetings. No volunteer gigs. And although I'll probably develop some plans for dinner and or dinner and a movie currently there is nothing demanding my time but me. It is delicious!

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