Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'll have pictures from Nashville to post soon. I had a really good time. The conference was good. I learned a lot. The rest of my days in Nashville were nice. I had the best steak dinner I've had ever (I can't remember if DelMonico's in Vegas was better) while there. I should feel mortified by the cost, but I don't because it was great! However if I look at it like this, the amount I paid for dinner plus tip was less than I contribute to Lifelong Aids Alliance and United Way so that's not too shabby.

I'm getting ready to go camping with the little girls this weekend. We're going on Saturday and returning on Sunday since they are only 6 & 7 and I don't want to overwhelm them or be overwhelmed by them. :) I was putting together the 'schedule' and man there's a lot of time to fill. Although luckily cooking does take up quite a bit of time. :) The girls will do the cooking with the grown ups supervising (and maybe pitching in a tiny bit but in general this is the kids' job.) The weather, though, looks like ASS this weekend. We will be rained on the whole time. Good thing we'll be in yurts. We will get to decorate visors (Yeah they're useful...) and backpacks and I think we'll gather leaves. Hopefully there'll be enough 'sun' to do solar prints with the leaves (hence the plexiglass, Stephen). We'll also be able to do rubbings.

I ordered some fancy pants granola bars from These are guaranteed peanut free. I hope they come in by Friday so that I can take them camping. I called and they are sending me a replacement box because according to the US postal service my employer works in a zipcode that doesn't exist. Sigh. I also have to figure out what badges I gave the kids already because I'll have more for them this weekend.

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