Monday, June 16, 2008

Too much going on

So the weekend was supposed to be a nice relaxing weekend with nothing much scheduled... instead I volunteered at Avenue Q (if it comes to your town and you aren't disturbed by puppets having sex you should see it. It really is quite funny).

Saturday morning I woke up kind of early and caught a bus out to Greenlake where I hung out with Ben. (Hung out is Stephen's euphamism for babysitting. Babysitting does sound a bit like I'm 16 again.) That was mostly fun but my cell phone had died and so Stephen apparently searched around the park for us and couldn't find us. (Obviously eventually he found us or Ben & I would still be there.) Ben is quite the daredevil and I probably hovered closer than he is used to but I am not his parent so it is better if nothing happens while I'm hanging out with him. At one point he was sliding down a firefighter pole and he made me go stand back by something else or I couldn't watch. But then he would need help with the wiggly ladder and I could come over to help but I still couldn't watch so I would have to close my eyes while I was helping. The logic of a 4 year old.

I got home and chilled for about two hours and then went to the movies with Lyday and dinner. We saw Kung Fu Panda. Very funny. VERY funny. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Dinner was Chinese from this place all the way out in some distant community whose name is escaping me at the moment... Newcastle. It was pretty good. The barbecue pork was great, but I didn't like the chicken with garlic sauce that much. This place in CA still holds my heart for the best ever. :) (Hey I just realized we had a whole theme adventure. hee)

Sunday I volunteered for my employer's graduation ceremonies. The ceremonies were nice but I can't believe how rude the undergrads were. About 50% of them left before the whole ceremony was over. I feel like when I graduated college we weren't allowed to leave. When I got home Sunday night I was wiped out and just chilled all evening long. Next weekend I hope to have no plans on Sunday so I can just relax! (Also got no studying done. Sigh).

On Sat when Stephen & Ben & I were lunching Stephen and I were talking about marriage (not to each other) and I was reminded how when I was little I loved the cursive "L" and "Q". I always wanted to marry someone whose last name started with "L" or "Q". Oh I just remembered how we got there... we were talking about taking last names. I don't have a strong feeling about mine. If the new last name was better I'd take it, if it was worse, I wouldn't. (Like Butts...I don't think that's a last name I want.)

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Stephen said...

It's less of an issue with me. I just feel wierd telling Ben he is getting babysat. I use the same terminology with him as I do with everyone else.

I will never ask someone to take my name. I like mine. And I want to be in love with theirs [last name].