Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mosquitos slapped, marshmallows toasted

I took the older girls camping this past weekend. We went to the same place I took the younger ones, Tolt Macdonald park in Carnation. It was HOT. I do not do well in the heat so it was a bit miserable for me. The girls had a good time though. We went strawberry picking in the morning at Remlinger farms. The 5 of them picked just under 10 lbs of strawberries (like 9.7). I sent them all home with some this morning. We waded in the Tolt & Snoqualmie Rivers. It was so cold but felt so good! The river was still moving quickly but it was much shallower. We made ice cream. We waded again. We decorated t-shirts. We cooked and ate a lot. It was a good time on a whole. :) I am bitten like you would not believe. I am also burned to a crisp like bacon. But it is all good right. :) I'm clean, and sitting in front of a giant fan and planning on dozing off on my sofa. :)


Stephen said...

That is truly awesome! Sounds you packed your trip as well as I pack my week with Benni ;)

Everyone got torched as far as I know. Since I went to Portland and Olympics, I've got a good base tan to avoid burning. I'm a little sensitive in some places, but using aloe every day in the shower is keeping my skin healthy (especially head).

Joanne said...

I am constantly buying sunscreen and losing it. Somewhere in my apartment are like 52 bottles of spf 40+. However, we were actually using bug repellent. 40% DEET worth (Which is the bug repellent of the gods) but these mosquitos were barely phased by it. I had just applied some and for a few minutes they were dive bombing and flying away but about 10 minutes later they were landing. The long winter made these fuckers hardy.