Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrity Circus

So I was watching Celebrity Circus for about 5 minutes between the ending of Hairspray and the beginning of Seinfeld and I had two thoughts... 1 - Why does Antonio Sabato Jr have a tramp stamp? 2 - If you're going to do a show where you don't have any shoes on, shouldn't you make sure your feet bottoms are clean? The woman who was doing the act with him had dirty feet bottoms and I was distracted by that.

Sort of related, my big girls and I were talking about tattoos and somehow they didn't remember I had one. I showed them and one of them mentioned she wanted one at the small of her back. (aka tramp stamp.) I tried to discourage her from that because... well I didn't tell her that she shouldn't have it because it is a tramp stamp, but that that was kind of not the best place to put one.

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DD said...

Because so many women have the infamous "tramp stamp", I try not to use that term when talking about tattoos 'cause you never know...but yeah, getting one "there" does throw the person into that category.