Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it a sign?

So I don't really believe in signs. While I was doing some new cat hunting, I notice that the cat at Dartmouth is still open. Do you know how cheap homes in NH or VT are?! I could afford a house there! I think I'm paralyzed about finding a new cat because I might actually have to do something. I've gotten quite used to the lax life I have. I'd have to give up my girls if I moved though. And Lyday and Stephen. (Clearly I'm putting the cart before the horse. :) )


Stephen said...

You know full well that I will travel the sands of distance and the prevail against the scourge of time to see you. Vermont would be fine.

I would visit often. So often, you would wish for higher fuel costs ;)

Sheesh said...

Vermont and NH are WAY cool. I'd move there in a minute if I could.