Sunday, June 22, 2008


No More Pencils
No More Books
No More Teacher's
Dirty Looks!

Why am I 'singing' that happy little song do you ask? I passed my test! I am now a real live Certified Employee Benefits Specialist. After my test today I tormented myself a teeny bit by going through the survey after the test before I got my results. My heart was beating more and more with each question. But I tell you what... I knew my stuff. That was one of my few tests where I walked in feeling fairly confident and by the time I was done with the test I was completely certain I had passed. (Ok not completely maybe... maybe 98% certain.) I was done in just over an hour and then treated myself to mall Indian food. Nice.

The other thing I did was go to a fancy party. I went last year. It was put on by a couple of guys from my university. It was almost all university people. It was fun, but there is such a dividing line between faculty and staff it makes it a little weird. I knew most of the people there and chatted with our new provost. (Got to get in good while I can. ;) )


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Congratulations! And, good job on the shmoozing! :)