Thursday, November 11, 2004

Kaili's Kitchen Review

I was really starting to think that somebody somewhere didn't want me to ever eat at this restaurant. Sunday, the Flexcar reservation system was down, so no way to get there. Today I go to get into the flexcar and my pin keeps coming up as invalid. For those unfamiliar with flexcar, I use a credit card type keycard to unlock the car door then inside is the key and a place to enter my PIN so that I can start the car. So it kept coming up invalid despite my getting out of the car, locking the doors and then unlocking them and entering the PIN. The card has a pin attached so if I were to have walked up to the car and someone had left it unlocked I still wouldn't be able to use my PIN on someone else's key card. So I field trip home, call flexcar and find out that the car had been left in valet mode (so that you don't have to use the PIN). They adjust it I field trip back out and am on my way. Out to Edmonds. That's far. Mapquest failed to tell me that 244SW and 205 are the same road so I drive in circles for about 25+ minutes. Finally found it... The restaurant reminds me of Tacks in Fairbanks a little bit. It is very mom & pop. The hamburger on a real bun was awesome. The bun was soft and tasted almost like I remember them. They offered to make me some barbecue sauce when I asked but I declined. Now the bad... the french fries tasted like they had been cooked in old oil and they were out of coke. They had some things in the 'bakery' I could purchase but I decided not to this time. I think I will have to go back out there at least one more time to give it a decent chance. I'd like to try the pizza or the fried chicken. Although seriously... it is WAY out there.

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