Friday, November 12, 2004

Life is good, but I'm a sap...

I've long admitted that I am a complete and total sap. I was watching Joan of Arcadia tonight and sobbing freely. The show has high heartstring tugging tendencies anyway, but tonight's episode. Bawlsville. It is like I'm 5 or something.

But life is good for multiple reasons...

1 - My food order came in from Kinnikinnick foods so I have fresh doughnuts and hamburger buns and pretzels. Yes, although I ordered crackers, pretzels are what arrived in my box. I called and was like, "Um I'm not Canadian so I'm not sure if pretzels are crackers in Canada but I ordered crackers and got pretzels." I'm sure the extremely nice Canadian customer service rep hung up on me after the call and said what an idiot American I just talked to. They are shipping my crackers at no cost. :)

2 - I called and abandoned Showtime for HBO. Until Dead Like Me comes back on Showtime. Their usual programming sucks ass.

3 - I had tacos for dinner. Y'all know how I loves me some tacos.

4 - I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow night. I also loves me some hockey. I'm fairly excited. I'm going with a coworker and her husband. I have been dorkily excited about this all week long. I am a geek sometimes I admit it.

5 - I am watching Beautiful Girls tonight on my newly subscribed to HBO and it is showing my favorite part ever. Where Rosie O'Donnell is lecturing Matt Dillon and Timothy Hutton about "real" women vs. the models that the boys love. It cracks my shit up.

6 - Work study student again spent the day entertaining me with his tales of 22ness. OH OH OH I just remembered the funniest thing he told me all day. So yesterday I posted about the futility of the Febreze Scent thingie... Today, work study student tells me he OWNS one of them. I nearly died of laughter. He claims his house is very neat and I would be surprised. I told him all men's bathrooms stunk, it is like a rule. He tried to bet me that if I went to his house it would not stink in the bathroom. I told him I liked my job too much to accept that bet since gambling with students is probably more than "frowned upon." Other random things I learned, he boned some girl and is now dating the best friend, but the best friend doesn't want to tell 1st girl they are going out. But that he can tell he's into her because he wakes up humming "American Music" by the Violent Femmes. I didn't get it either. He wants a girl who will take care of him. Apparently he needs a living alarm clock since he is incapable of getting up on his own. And finally, when I razzed him about being gay because he was making a big deal about the fact that my white computer keyboard does not match all the black computer components on my desk. He said something to the effect that he thought about it for a little while, but came to the conclusion it was not for him. The way he said it made me go... did he just admit to what I think he just admitted to? On his way out the door again I got the hand motion and not for him. He cracks my shit up. Seriously.

7 - Despite Michelle's distaste for Renee Zelweger (I'm well aware I've totally misspelled her name), I think I'm going to go see Bridget Jones this weekend. I liked the book although I'm having a hard time remembering it so I think I want to reread it before I see the movie.

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Peeved Michelle said...

I cried so much watching JOA last night. Good call waiting until the husband was in bed before watching it. My eyes were still a little puffy when I woke up this morning.