Friday, November 05, 2004

Student Worker

Our student worker cracks my shit up. He is so positive he is right about his views, like he doesn't really see the other side. (I mean I think my views are right, but at least I can see other points of view.) He's been up in my office a lot lately doing filing and we have these random talks about weird crap. Today for some reason he asked if I would change my last name when I get married. I told him it depended on the last name. He seemed to have a problem with that, but ultimately a girl should take her husband's was his point. I told him that if the guy's name is something like Dickshitz, I ain't taking it. I tried to move the convo to something a little less weird so I asked him if he was going home for Thanksgiving. Somehow we ended up talking about me & my family and he has a hard time with the phrase "You know, that isn't really something you need to know about." as he tried to convince me that I should get along better with my mother. Finally, he was telling me about these 2 girls the he has hmmm... the word isn't dated, more like screwed but he definitely did not say that. He's fairly cautious about saying stuff like that. He cracks my doodie up because when he is trying not to talk about stuff like that he won't say it but makes all these gestures so that we can figure it out. Ruth, my coworker, says I should really make his head explode and tell him I'm not having any children. Apparently, I'm the only one who gets these wacky stories.

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