Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fremont Festival

On Saturday morning I went to the Fremont Festival with the intention of just sitting and watching the parade and then coming home so that I wasn't necessarily walking more than I'm supposed to... best laid plans I suppose. But this was the first time I'd actually seen the parade and it was fairly cool. After the parade, coworker and her friends and I went to Dad Magoos and had lunch - their tatertots are to die for - then we wandered around the festival to see the art cars. I was going to pick up Baja Fresh and some Ice Cream from Coldstone since I was on that side of town, but as I was walking down the road the bus to come home was right there so I just figured I'd head for home. It was after 5 and I was tired. I did have a good time though! Here are some pics:

One of the notable things about the Fremont Parade are the naked bicycle riders. Some just ride naked, others do elaborate bodypaint. I got a few pics of different body paints I liked or I thought were well done.

Wonderwoman was especially well done. If you saw her from a distance you wouldn't realize she was naked.

The red villian was part of a whole group of The Incredibles. I tried to get others of that group but some of them ride pretty fast. :) I'm sure I would! There were a lot of different body shapes and types so it was kind cool to see all sorts of bodies out there being cool with themselves. The WORST part of the naked bicycle riders, this older guy was riding back and forth and he was fine, whatever, until one of his final rides by... erect. That was a little weird.

Great body paint I thought. Although could you imagine how hard it would be to wash that crap off?

She really went all out for hers. Rode by like queen of the parade.

One of the groups in the parade was this troupe of belly dancers. They were really good and again, all sorts of different bodies just out there on display. I know I wouldn't have the gumption to do that.

This little kid went up to shake the 'clown's' hand but didn't look too sure he wanted to do it. It just made me laugh.

Cute kids on top of a wedding cake. All the floats are man powered, there are no motorized vehicles in the parade at all.

Here I thought, wow a concession to 'normal' parades, a marching band. Yes, a marching band made of homosexual performers. Rock on.

A float about monsters destroying the city. I thought both the float and the monster costumes were really well done.

Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun won't you please shine down on meee. This was actually the first float in the parade. Notice how it is towed by gladiators. I noticed when it went the other way, there were cheese puffs under the sun. Hee.

The end of the parade. Everyone singing This Land is Your Land.

The art cars were all over the place. Some were very cool and very well done, and others looked like they were just thrown together. I really liked this Mini that had been redone as a ladybug. I thought it was so cute and little!

The fish car was hmm... interesting. The whole thing is choreographed to music and the lobsters would sometimes rise up in song. It was kind of funny.


Kate the Peon said...

Joanne, you do get out a bit. Glad you had an adventure despite the injury.

Mishka said...

Thanks for the pics..I haven't been to the Fremont parade in ages, it looks like it is has evolved into something more elaborate. Last time I watched it, none of the naked people had paint...or hard-ons...haha.

Mind Sprite said...

The parade looks wonderful. I may have to catch that next year. We went to the gay pride parade this weekend and saw a few painted bodies, along with a lot of other interesting things!