Thursday, June 02, 2005

Walk on the ocean

Yesterday was the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was cool. We had a nice Luau. We saw a good show. I'm sure I'll post more after I get home and post pics. Today... was Shark Tour! YAY!

It was sooo cool. I was in the cage with 1/2 sheet of plexi on 2 sides and cage on the bottom and cage on 2 sides. I have never been really good with snorkles but this time it was so easy. I just held on to the cage and put my face in the water. They were so close. Several times they bumped into the cage. And at least once scraped along the side of the cage so close I could touch it, but I didn't. I followed instructions. I saw one of those fish that attach to the sharks' bodies. I also saw tuna who were feeding on the chum the boat guys were throwing in... and for the record both of those guys serious YUM! I got to stay down for 2 sessions because there were only 10 people who wanted to do it and they have room in the cage for 4 people each time. I was in the 2nd group and Captain Mike said 2 of us could do it a 2nd time. Heck yeah! The only bad thing was that as I was getting out, I started to feel sea sick. I hadn't any other time... but for some reason by the end of the 2nd session I was feeling it a little bit. There were a couple of people who got legimitely sick. It is weird, I get motion sick on many things... cars if I try to read... buses the same thing... revolving rides at the fair... but I don't get sea sick. This afternoon I just napped much of it away. Swimming in the ocean (even just really treading with my feet) is hard work! We were supposed to go to Pearl Harbor, but I don't think that's happening as we're shopping and then dinner today and tomorrow is snorkling (maybe) and another beach. While in the cage there was the cutest tiniest fish ever floating right in front of my eyes. It was about as big as the tip of my little finger. It was striped and looked like a tetra. It just kept swimming around me!

(and blogger may rule right now because I'm doing this from an internet cafe and I ran out of time and it shut the window down, but when I logged back in and clicked on recover post, this entire thing was here! YAY! Blogger did something right!)


Kate the Peon said...

Glad you had fun and made it out okay!

Stephen said...

Awesome! I just read about that 'Recover Post' feature being added. Glad to hear it worked out for you :)

I got sea sick/food poisoning midway through my Hawaii trip. The killer was eating McDonalds after feeling yucky during the day.

Let's just say I requested a change of rooms and the maid probably torched her worker's contract after cleaning my bed/bathroom ;)