Thursday, June 16, 2005

Random thoughts

Now that the Summer of Joanne is officially in full swing, I must ponder what that really means and what's going to happen. Sad to say, I still don't know really. But as the first weekend in the Summer of Joanne, I should do something fun, right? Well what I should do vs what I SHOULD do are 2 different things.

should do:
Something fun
Preferrably outdoors
Maybe with alcohol involved in the evening, but not required.
Visit a place I haven't been to before
Hopefully doesn't cost too much money
Perhaps check out solstice activities in Fremont
Maybe go fly a kite (I don't own one though)
Take a long walk
Check out a museum
Go to the movies

Dishes (dishes are always #1 on the list because I abhor them!)
Put away stuff from Hawai'i vacation (yes you read that right I still have everything from Hawai'i in bags around my bedroom)
Put away stuff from camping
Clean up all of Baxter's toys/mess/treats scattered on the floor and put away her cage
(I don't know if I can do that one yet - I can do the mess part but I don't know I can put away her cage and her toys all away yet)
Deal with recycling stuff

Walk down memory lane
Co-worker reminded me that this weekend is solstice and she would be doing the Fremont Solstice stuff. It made me think that when I lived in Alaska, Michelle & I would do the Midnight Sun Run. Not that we were all you know athletic or anything, we'd walk it. I'm sure at home I have about 3 t-shirts from my years of doing it. I also have some pretty cool pics of us at the finish line at midnight wearing sunglasses. :) So I was explaining this to coworker and I mentioned it started at the college and ended at Alaskaland. Ahh Alaskaland. It is now renamed Pioneer Park. That's just wrong by the way. The funniest thing about Alaskaland? There's a bar in the park. The Palace. It is known for its fun touristy revue... at least during the early evening. Late at night, it's the local gay bar. I've been there once with V. Coworker thought it hysterical that the tourist hotspot is also the gays' hotspot. Only in Alaska, she said, would a bar do double duty like that. :)


Chicken said...

I love the Fremont Fair!! I have only been twice but it has been fun everytime.I love the art cars.

You should definitely buy a kite. I bought my husband a stunt kite a few years ago and we loved it so much we bought a second one. Going to the beach and flying a kite is so theraputic.

Peeved Michelle said...

I only did the Midnight Sun Run once, I think. My sneaks weren't that great and later two of my toenails fell off. Pleasant.