Friday, June 03, 2005

Poor little shoulders

Are dying. They are burnt! They got a little bit burnt on our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center 2 days ago. Today... burnt. Now before y'all lecture me about not wearing sunscreen and all that crap let me say this. I WAS wearing sunscreen. SPF 30 to be exact. SPF 30 Coppertone non sweat waterproof type. I know there are higher SPFs out there, but in reality once you go past 30 the ratio of benefit decreases significantly. So my shoulders are burnt to a crisp. I'm pretty impressed, actually, that I'm not burned much worse. Anyone who knows me personally knows what a white girl I am. I blame it on my Polish ancestry. Or maybe the Germans. Damn Germans! :)

Today we headed out to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. That didn't happen as the lot was full when we got there and they don't let any more people in, so we headed directly to Lanakai Beach. It was breathtaking. We took a ton of pictures. The water was warm. The sand was very fine and there weren't rocks! Yay! (Although at one of the public access points there were rocks and I bruised the crap out of one of my toes. The joint area is purple.) We spent I think 2+ hours just drifting and lounging around in the water. It was so warm and lovely. Honestly, as much as I loved going in the shark cage, this may have been my favorite thing I've done this trip. And it was free. :)

I think I've made a decision to move to Hawai'i now. ;) Halewia was beautiful and the total small town I always think I want to live in. I have a whole romantic notion about that... I'm not really serious, of course, jobs aren't plentiful and housing isn't cheap and if I were to move here, I'd either have to live in Honolulu or outside of Honolulu and do the commute thing and I hate commuting! But it is a nice dream. I have a notebook full of entries about what we've done and all that, that I'll use to post more info. I also will be posting pics once I get back. At least the digital camera pics, otherwise I have an Advantix camera with pics AND 3 waterproof cameras of pics that have to be developed. Damn, I'll be eating top ramen all month long after this! :)

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