Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Friday!

I was walking to work this morning and I saw the cutest little ball of feathers on the ground. As I looked closer I realized it was a young crow. Not a baby anymore, because some of its longer feathers were growing in, but still fairly downy. Apparently mama or dada crow did not like me looking at baby because it started sqwaking at me and left its perch on the tree to fly closer to where I was standing. I kept walking to about the next tree and stopped again to look at it. Adult crow followed sqwaking at me and landing on a building above me and continuing to berate me. This continued on until I actually turned the corner to go up the next street. Apparently they're fairly protective. :)

I have to do a self evaluation for my job. I hate these. At Homestore I was there for 3 years and never NEVER had an evaluation. When I taught school, I had them many many times over the 1 year I taught. They were almost all bad because I was awful at keeping the little hellions under control. (Actually I was good with the projects and knew what I was talking about so that part was good, but always balanced badly by the big fat "sucks ass" rating when it came to keeping them under control which dragged the whole score way down. Seriously, a 24 year old should never try to teach 13 year olds.) At the casino I had 1 review that was mildly good, except for showing initiative. Apparently my failure to attend an OPTIONAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING showed I lacked initiative. Did I mention I worked in the BENEFITS OFFICE? So now I have to do a self-evaluation for my job. I'm a little freaked out.

Movie update
I mentioned before how I worked doing transcription for Inlaws & Outlaws and how I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to see it at SIFF because I was volunteering during 1 show and then I was in Hawai'i for the 2nd show. Well, the director found my blog and sent me an email about how sorry he was I missed it at SIFF but did I know it was going to play at Cinerama on July 7th. If I was interested he'd hook me up with tickets. And would I be interested in volunteering? First - I was mildly embarrassed that he found this. I don't know why, especially since I've only said nice things about volunteering and encouraged people to go see the movie, but I was still embarrassed. Second Yay! Now I'm going to go and despite it being a violation of The Summer of Joanne, I'm going to volunteer for the other showing.

Summer of Joanne
I think the basic premise of the Summer of Joanne is that I'm not going to volunteer for any causes this summer. Except for ones that I've already committed to. Like the movie and the Seattle Paint Out. Of course if I never hear from the Paint Out people, I can't really be the First Hill lead, now can I? If I were a good volunteer, I'd email them. Obviously I'm not a good volunteer since I haven't. The other tenet of the Summer of Joanne is to get out and do stuff. Like going to Portland. But since Sunday adventures have to be curtailed to non-walking adventures I'm not sure what other adventures I'm going to plan, but there'll be other stuff. Definitely other stuff.

Margaret Cho
Tonight I'm going with coworker and a couple of other people to see Margaret Cho. I think she's here as a part of Pride events. I am not attending any other Pride events. I may even avoid the grocery store all weekend to avoid the gays. It isn't that I don't love them, because I do. But I don't really like crowds to begin with so the fact that an estimated 130,000 people are going to be here on the hill at some point this weekend pretty much ensures I will be hiding out in my apartment. That is when I'm not field tripping to Bothell to potentially adopt 2 more ferrets. And no, KTP, a 3rd is like 15 times harder than just the 2. Or maybe it isn't but to me, for some reason, a 3rd seems to cross an invisible line I don't want to cross.


Peeved Michelle said...

Summer of Joanne/Week of Michelle
Ok maybe not a full week, but I definitely want to go up there sometime this summer.

2 vs. 3
I hear ya about the invisible line. That is what is stopping me from getting a third dog. That, and I don't really like pets all that much, but how much longer can I continue to resist those cute puppies?!

Kate the Peon said...

Puppies are cute, but they grow out of that stage.