Thursday, June 30, 2005


My 15 year old niece tried to give me a aneurysm about 2 days ago. On her little comment next to her name on messenger it said 'life sucks.' So being the caring auntie that I am, I IM her and ask her why life sucks. It seems a friend of hers who has graduated high school is going to the Naval Acadamy. "Don't worry, though, AJ" she says to me... "He's just a friend, not a friend with benefits." That's where I felt the blood vessel in my head swell to enormous proportions. I know she's 15. I know she watches TV. I'm okay with her knowing what a friend with benefits is (vaguely) but oh hell no, her having one is not okay. She's 15! I told her she nearly gave me an aneurysm and we joked about it. She assured me that that's the last thing on her mind right now and that she only had ever kissed the boy. I want to be the kind of aunt she can go to about this stuff since her mom died, her father is satan and I don't actually know anything about her step-mom except that she cheated with a married man whose wife had cancer (which makes her the wife of satan). I don't know that I'll be able to be this aunt though. The hard part about having nieces and nephews you never see is that even though they are getting older, they're still frozen in a certain place in time. She's frozen at about 7 to me. To think of her in high school is huge. And it freaks me out a little bit. In true double standard fashion, I've never worried about this with regards to my nephew. However, I don't know that it is because he's a boy. It is more that he is a geek. I love the boy. But he is the kind of guy to line up for Star Wars movies 2 days early dressed in Jedi attire. Those guys don't get laid. :)

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