Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Starry starry night

Last night MP & I went to eat some dinner and then we played backgammon until about 9ish in Starbucks. For the record, MP won but it was a bunch of tie breakers. I think he cheated. After that we walked up the freeway park stairs and just chatted. Neither of us were feeling particularly compelled to go home so we ended up on the patio of my apartment building talking. I haven't really wanted to be all alone in my apartment lately, I hate being in there now that it is just me and the fish. I know I didn't see Baxter that often because ferrets sleep a lot, but there was comfort knowing that she was there and I could go rouse her from her hiding place and pet her or get her riled up and wrassle with her. The fish isn't so fun that way. Anyway, I've digressed, it was just nice sitting on the patio talking to a friend and watching the stars come out. Well, planets first really. :) And I saw a shooting star and made a wish (of course). Turns out we sat there chatting until after 11. Now I may know more about MP than the little bit I know about Shane, Sparky not liking Pagliaccis and MP's birthday. :)


Putnawa said...

First of all, that's about all she knew before last night. Not because I don't tell her stuff, but because she doesn't listen.

Secondly, I didn't tell you that much last night, either. :P

You should have some sort of memorial for Baxter. It will help you move along in the grieving process.

Joanne said...

Firstly, that's not ALL I knew about you before our chatting. Just because I didn't know you had tried to quit smoking 8 times prior doesn't mean I don't know anything else. I did know the entire story of how you started smoking.

Secondly I'm not the only person in your world to complain you don't tell people stuff... indicating a pattern.

Thirdly, you're right you didn't tell me a lot but it was just cool to hang out and watch the stars.

Putnawa said...

Firstly, I think it was. And nobody has ever said anything about trying to quit smoking 8 times, other than you.

Secondly, I haven't heard any compliaints recently, except from you.

Thirdly, yes it was.