Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vaguely fascinating

My job is vaguely fascinating. Sometimes. Recently we had a new employee come and ask about their spouse. It seems once upon a time they were opposite sex married couple, but at one point, one had a sex change operation. Now are they legally still married? (the answer is yes) and can they have the spouse on our health insurance even though we do not cover domestic partnerships? (interestingly after a lot of research, the answer is also yes) but I got to research that. And that was fun and interesting. Also apparently a few weeks ago a woman died. She worked for us more than 15 years ago so we have no records on her because the laws on record retention don't require us to go back that far. So I call our retirement folks, once I have her SSN. They at first wouldn't give me any beneficiary info, they would send the stuff directly to the beneficiary. I had to point out that this would be bad as they have not been formally notified of the death. I offered to let them call the ME's office directly but she kept screwing it up so she finally said she'd call me back once they pulled the info out of the archive. So coworker calls back the ME to ask if 2 days is okay for their timeline. Apparently the woman's been dead for weeks. So two more days won't make much of a difference. How sad. I fear that a little bit... dying without anyone knowing or realizing I'm dead.

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