Monday, June 06, 2005

More Pics

This was at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The woman in yellow taught us to make our cute little fishes.

Dark skinned Mormons. MP wanted pics because the only Mormon's he's ever seen were white. These are not necessarily the hot Mormon College boys. This was during the Canoe Parade.

The island out there in the distance is called Chinaman's Hat, for probably obvious reasons. I believe this is another of the zooming along in the car shots.

Regulars know my love for interesting trees. I liked these trees. I think they are Banyan (although it is entirely possible I'm wrong.) But they grow all these tendrils from the branches that reach into the ground and create more trunk. They look so cool.

A cute little crab in the sand at Lanikai Beach. I had thought it was dead so I flung a tiny bit of sand at it. It sucked one of its eyes in so then I felt a little bad about disturbing it.

Probably the fanciest looking dessert I've ever eaten. At the Tiki Bar & Grill. It was cheesecake with fruit salsa and that drizzle is of a yummy fruit that I can't remember the name of. Very good!

This is back to shore and the community of Haleiwa. It was a tiny community that I kind of liked. The type of place in my imagination I have always wanted to live in. The type of community that is better in dreams than probably in reality.

If you look closely, you can see me in the cage! :) Mostly you can see the snorkle. Also these 2 guys were the captain and first mate... hot and hot.

The King as part of the Canoe Parade. More dark-skinned Mormons. :)

I had never been to Hawai'i. I'd also never ridden in a limo. We called for a taxi to take us to the airport and a limo is what appeared. It's just a regular taxi so we didn't pay extra for the fancyness. It was kind of cheesy inside but whatever! :)

This too is on the road to either Lanikai or PCC. It also serves as an inadvertent self-portrait. :)

Sea Dragon at the aquarium. I think they're so freaking cool! They also have them here in Seattle.

I KNOW this was on the road to Lanikai. There is actually a mountain back there, but it is completely shrouded in fog.

Michelle took this shot while bobbing around in the ocean. The waves were rippling all over us. I think you can kind of see a boat in it.

I took this at the aquarium.

We saw this cute little lizard on the little path to Lanikai Beach.

There was a lookout point and this was a valley you could see from the look out. I'm not sure what the community is though.


Kate the Peon said...

GREAT photos! Glad you had such a good time. What was your favorite part?

cat said...

i am happy with all the photos except the shark ones. i still shudder from those...

Putnawa said...

I am happy with all of the photos, except in the sense that now I am more in love with the idea of moving to Hawai'i. And I think it's so cool you went on the shark tour and didn't chicken out. Well done!!

Mishka said...

You are right, those are Banyan trees and I believe that they are protected. When we were there, we stayed at a hotel that had one right in the middle of the courtyard. I guess they had to build the hotel around it because it was not coming down (thank goodness). I think it is one of the oldest ones now and very huge. We had a lot of them in Japan as well but they don't let the roots hang down (they just keep them neat and tidy there).