Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The raspberry/caramel muffins are weird.

I've eaten them for breakfast the past 2 mornings and the best descriptor is weird. But they're not gross so I continue to eat them. However, for future reference, I will not try this again. I'm sticking with good old chocolate chip or banana nut. :) I have to toast them because they are too moist on the outside so this dries them out a bit.

The new kits seem to be settling in a little bit. Tess likes to take any treats she gets and hides them. She spent about 20 min on her first day with me climbing up on the sofa to get a treat, running and hiding it and then returning. Tess does NOT like the outdoors. I tried to get them to go for a walk yesterday and Tess wasn't having it. Which is funny because she paces at the screen on the bedroom window like a damn tiger in the zoo. She just THINKS she wants to be outside. Tess also likes to dig in dirt. I had a bag of potting soil, that I hadn't realized Rigby had knocked on the floor. I looked yesterday evening and realized the bag was moving. Tess was inside doing her damnedest to get the dirt out. I have an old container with a hole cut in the top to be a dig box. Mink & Bax never liked it much but I think I'll fill it with potting soil for Tess to dig in. Rigby is the queen of the cheweasels. I put one out for each of them, but Rig quickly took them both. She also has apprently scoured the apartment for any Baxter left unclaimed because suddenly she had 5 of them. She sleeps near them apparently to not let them out of her sight. She also has taken to biting my feet. So we keep going through rounds of a bite, then scruff, then "NO BITE" very stern in her face then a 3 minute time out in the carrier. If I have to take drastic measures, chili oil will be smeared on my feet, but when I did something similar to Baxter who used to bite like a bitch it backfired.* Rig does not, however, bite my hands or really any other body part. Just the feet. So that's definitely an improvement. They both tend to sleep in the carrier. I think it is a security thing for them. I caged them yesterday while I was at work, but didn't today. That could be a mistake. This morning I got Tess all riled up and when I couldn't handle her wrestling with my hand anymore (She bites when we wrestle so now I have several puncture holes in my hand, but that's playing not vindictive/meanness), I tossed Rigby on the bed with her. They wrassled for awhile and it was very cute. As they reached the edge of the bed I thought they'd realize and move away, not so much. Death grip on each other's throats, they fell on the floor. And I laughed. I might be mean, I know it. :)

*I had smeared tobasco on my hands (because Bax bit and held on) and Bax bit into one and then was enraged so she bit down on my thumb, through the nail and wouldn't let go. I had to pry her jaws off and then without thinking, I rubbed my eyes which had teared up in pain. I wanted to DIE! There's nothing quite like the pain of rubbing tobasco in both eyes.

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Putnawa said...

Not nearly as mean as me laughing out loud over your tobasco sauce story. I'm not sure if it's funnier that Baxter got pissed off and bit you harder, or that you then forgot and rubbed your eyes, but now I'm tearing up!!