Saturday, June 25, 2005

M. Cho

Margaret Cho was funny. Much funnier than when I saw her at Benaroya Hall 2 years ago. She was political but funny political not like last time. We had Johnny Rockets for dinner. I love their chili cheese fries! mmm.... I saw my gay pothead bartending husband, but I didn't get a chance to say hello because we were on the way out. I miss him periodically. I may have to stop in either this Monday or next Monday to say hello. The search for the car was kind of ridiculous. Seriously, who doesn't remember what parking level and area they park in? The people I was with... had no clue. We walked all over that parking garage. I could've walked home in the time it took us to find the damn car.


Putnawa said...

I saw your pothead gay bartending husband on Saturday. Apparently his bar wasn't all that interested in making money this year, because half their staff was at my bar Saturday night.

(No, seriously. Half.)

I hate when people forget where they parked their car. Although, I'm a little sad you didn't remember where they parked the car. Even when I'm not driving I remember where my ride is at, in case I get separated.

Putnawa said...

Er, "we" get separated. If I get separated I usually die.

Joanne said...

I wasn't with them when they parked the car. Isa and I got a ride from her other roommate who did not go to Johnny Rockets and Margaret Cho with us. Otherwise I would've known where the damn car was because I also make it a point to know where the car is parked.