Monday, June 13, 2005

Irrational fear realized

Have I ever mentioned how I am frequently afraid of walking across Boren (the street my apartment building is on and it is very busy all the time) and having a bag I'm carrying rip and spill my contents out on the street while I'm crossing? I'm sure I haven't because I realize that it is weird that I fear this. I have a whole mental image of that scene from Fried Green Tomatoes where that happens to the Kathy Bates character (except it is in a parking lot). Also Boren is a big hill so in my imatination I can see cans of soup (except I rarely buy canned food) rolling down the hill. So this morning, fear realized. I'm trying to cross Boren on the brink of tears because I know the vet appointment I'm about to go to will be bad. So in one hand I have Baxter's carrier. I'm also carrying 2 paper sacks of camping supplies, my backpack has camping stuff in it and under my arm is a camp stove. Bag tears. Luckily it wasn't the bag holding the rubber bouncy ball. So now I'm standing in the street with a torn bag that just keeps tearing worse trying to pick up the lantern and box of pots that was in the bag and of course... the light changes. The van driver I was holding up seemed nice. He at least smiled at me as I scurried to drop crap on the curb out of the way and then waved him on when I had picked everything up. Seriously... craptastic day.

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