Friday, July 01, 2005

Will all movies do this lately?

Make me cry that is. I rented Finding Neverland tonight. From the time the damn orphans showed up to the play through almost the end, there were tears making their way down both my cheeks. Although I do not remember the part where Tinker Bell drinks the poison from the book Peter Pan, so now I'm going to have to reread it. It was a good movie, though. I can see why it won so many awards. I only had 2 complaints. There were several times where I could hardly hear the talkers so I'd jack up the volume, only to be killed in the next scene because it would then be too loud. My other complaint, wide screen. I don't like wide screen. I don't have a wide screen TV. Yet Blockbuster only carries wide screen DVDs. Damn Blockbuster. (I know I know, I could support my independent albiet bizarrely organized independent video rental place, but like they'd have it...)

I also have Ned Kelly and National Treasure to entertain me this weekend. I have high hopes for Ned Kelly. It combines many of my favorite things... The lusciousness of Heath Ledger (and Orlando Bloom is thrown in for good measure). A modern western (strangely enough one of my favorite movie genres). And Australian accents (I know I've mentioned I'm an accent whore). Seriously, it has to be as crappy as Star Wars #3 or Braveheart to really disappoint me with all that greatness to counteract it.


Peeved Michelle said...

If it is a Western, wouldn't they have American accents?

Chicken said...

I don't have a wide screen tv either but prefer to watch wide screen. Full screen movies actually chop off the sides of the picture. This irritates me as #1 You are not seeing the movie as the director intended #2 They do this weird computerized shift to keep the stars in the shot which sometimes cuts the other actors out.

Joanne said...

I know they cut stuff. I'm okay with that. I don't like distracting black bands.

It is an AUSTRALIAN western. About an Australianesque cowboy.

Putnawa said...

I agree totally with chicken on both points.

J: You and Sparky have something in common. Although how anyone can be "distracted" by a black band I just don't know.

Ned Kelly sounds luscious.